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Three Pencil Drawing Portraits from last Millenium

I took a trip home and down memory lane over christmas. It hadn’t quite dawned on me just how much stuff I’ve made over the years, but looking back through everything it was plainly obvious that still life and figure drawing is what fascinated me before I got into animation. I thought it would be nice to share these three drawings and what they mean to me.

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Classic Life Drawing 15_12_10

Lots of images to look at today! I’ve decided that I’m just going to post up everything from my sketchbooks as I scan them – good, bad and ugly. My style has mellowed recently so its great fun going back through the years to the more ‘out-there’ drawings I used to produce. I went through a phase (a few years long) of really pushing the limits of Life drawing, both taste-wise (…gulp!) and stylistically. Its good, I now feel like I’m starting to find a nice equlibrium with my drawings – a bit crazy, but not so entirely mentalist! Anyway, have a gander…

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As always, to view higher-res versions of the images just click one of the thumbnails below and navigate through using the arrows at the top and bottom of the screen. If you see something that interests you or need anything explaining don’t be afraid to leave me a comment – I don’t bite! :D