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Decks Picture, Massive Geeking

Its most satisfying building a thing, colouring it in, and knowing it looks right, because its built right.



Took bloody ages to get everything in the right order. Love it. Revelling in massive nerdery.


Decks Picture Technical Drawing 5

Finished blocking out the line drawing. Phew.



Still lots to do. Get the z order sorted and block out as white to do that. Then start colouring.

Also had a bit of an epiphany with how to test the painting on canvas technique with acrylics. More to follow.



Deck Picture Technical Drawing 3

Good progress on this thing. Managed to finish drawing up one deck… which means I’ve basically finished two decks. Bonus.



I’ve been driving myself half crazy trying to deconstruct the tone arm assembly. Building it flat and layered in a way that will allow me to easily fill the vector paths to make it look solid. Its a proper head mess.



I’m starting to learn a few bits and bobs about Illustrator now. At least it should be fairly easy to draw up the mixer. There’s still some work to do to close off the paths etc on the decks, but milestone, reached.

Decks Picture Technical Drawing 2

No more life drawing a for a while now so I gotta get my kicks elsewhere.



Making slow progress on my decks paint by numbers. Technical drawings are just not really that much fun when you’re learning software you don’t really got on with in the process… :D

Going to have another bash at the other big painting I started a few years ago but never finished, when I can muster the juices.