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More dry point prep tests

A few more tests for the dry point etching process…

Tried this one using a pre-prepared 1:1 ratio grid/image:

This was a bit frustrating because I didn’t have the detail available in the original source image because it was that bit smaller, so even though I thought it should make it easier – it didn’t. I thought I’d give it a shot overlaying the 2 images to see how close I got to the original by trying to do this 1:1 technique by eye:

Quite difficult to see, but looking at the 1st image the waist doesn’t quite work, makes the new image a bit shapeless… hmmm.

So the last test was a mix of everything I’ve been trying. I used a 1:1 image as well as an original A4 sized image with grid using that for the detail and the 1:1 sized one for size reference:

This gives the most pleasing result, getting quite close to what I want to achieve. It looks quite natural and close to the original, so lets see what it looks like overlayed:

Definitely closer than the previous test, especially on the back, but still quite a ways off in other areas.

I think I’ve taken testing as far as I can here. The next step is to get myself on a refresher course and in a print studio. There I can look at techniques like printing the image reference onto shiny paper and ironing that directly onto a copper plate and scratching through the heat-laid ink using that as a guide – very similar to proper animation clean up from blue pencil drawings to solid lines for scanning and digital painting. Not sure if that will work or whether it will kill the energy of the drawings as I’d just be replicating the image exactly and not adding that extra spark and energy that free-hand drawing from reference gives. There’ll be a happy medium somewhere, and I’ll find it!