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Bristol Student Protest Photos 24_11_10

Saw all the activity on twitter today r.e. #demo2010 and #dayx so I popped up to see what the mood of the demonstration was like in Bristol after seeing things had taken a turn for the worse in London.

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Everything very peaceful and good natured. Very large police : student ratio…

Click thumbnail for larger image (apologies some of the shots are a bit dark…)

Special Prize for my 100th Twitter Follower: @plymptoonsdoc

This Squidgy Blob, just for you Alexia Anastasio! (@plymptoonsdoc) enjoy!


Twitter is ace! so lets share the love. Just so happens that I love Bill Plymptons’ films and a couple will feature in my animation classics segment – ’25 Ways to Quit Smoking’, ‘Push Comes to Shove’, ‘Your Face’… and more. Huzzah for the twitterverse and its tweeps and  twitterati!