Life Drawing 16th October 2014

Here are my arts for this week. Please look at them with your face.



Not being able to take decent photos of my arts is really starting to bake my noodle… *calls photographer friend…

Which reminds me. Chris – don’t know if you read this thing, but good shout on looking at the black and white views to see how the colour values work. Interesting…



8 thoughts on “Life Drawing 16th October 2014”

  1. That’s a great trick — looking at the black and white version of the image to make sure your values work. I’ll have to store that tid-bit in my cranium for future use.

      1. I consider myself color-illiterate, meaning that I’ve always had a hard time using color effectively amongst other colors. I stick with a color and pair with black or white or gray.
        The technique you’ve mentioned will at least provide me with some kind of alternative view. Thanks :D

      2. Nice ;) I’ve always had a hard time getting my head around colour theory. I’ve only really starting playing with colour again in anger fairly recently. I always feel like I should know more about colour stuff – especially around Photoshop. I suppose suck and see will have to do for the moment! :D

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