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See No Evil 2012

Pics from the See No Evil 2012 Block Party. Seemed more focussed on the sound systems rather than walls this year. Jukebox chimera beast was amazing:

Here’s a few other sights and sounds

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Stokes Croft Gerald Scarfe Graf

Was mooching about down Stokes Croft last weekend and chanced upon this cool piece of Graf just off the back of nine tree hill. I’m a big fan of Pink Floyd – The Wall and this looks just like one of Gerlad Scarfe’s crazy illustrations… Love it.

Bristol Nelson Street Art Gallery Block Party

I ♥ the Nelson Street Art project. Proper lovely vibes down there this afternoon. So much effort gone into transforming a drab 80’s concrete jungle into a full on garden party, Brizzle style. Blown away by the astroturf and big blocks of live plants adding to the mix. Big-ups to Bristol City Council (who’d ever thought I’d hear myself saying that!) for having the chops to spend a not insubstantial amount of public cash (word on the street is upwards of 80k) on something so downright cool.

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Nelson Street Art Gallery, Bristol 18-08-11

Had a wander down to the new Nelson Street art gallery currently in the making this afternoon. I love the fact this drab cement nightmare of a road is being turned into a Stokes Croft-esque street art bonanza. Big-ups to all the crews working hard in shitty weather…

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Can’t wait to see the street once all the graft is finished. Click thumbs for full size images…